Family Shortway in the USA

KlundertIn this website we write about our family history. Our familyname is Korteweg, or Shortway in English. It all started with Aart, son of Adriaen. He established a farm around 1680 near the town of Klundert (North Brabant Province of the Netherlands). He named himself after the road he lived by: the Korte Weg. This road has now been covered with the landfill of an industry park in the 1970's. Most Korteweg's descend from this Aart.

A grandson of Aart, called Anthony had an illegitimate son before his marriage, also called Anthony. He became an important man in the small town of Stellendam (South Holland Province, Goeree Overflakkee Island) around 1800. He was sheriff and town secretary. A son Barth of this sheriff had two sons, Anthonij and Gerbrand and both immigrated around 1880 to New Jersey.

At least one of their children, Pieter, has kept his name Korteweg and his descendants still live as such in New Jersey. The other descendants became Shortway's. They established a numerous family in New Jersey (Paterson, Hawthorne, ....) and later on in Michigan, California and Florida. Not all their family relations have been investigated yet. So if anyone could help, we would be very happy.

We maintain this website to inform all Kortewegs en Shortways about the family. If you read this website, then please let us know and send a message through the form on this page.

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For pictures of streets in Holland that carry the name "Korteweg", please click here.

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